10 Games to Improve Memory

You’ve probably heard that games are a great way to improve memory; but maybe you are having trouble thinking up some games, or you don’t know which ones are best. Here are 10 games you can play that will have your memory boosted in no time.

1) Crosswords: This is a great way to stimulate your brain first thing in the morning, or with your afternoon tea. You can expand on this by thinking up synonyms or antonyms for the answers.

2) Sudoku: Another great game to mull over with your coffee or tea. They even have handheld video games that you can play. Once you get the hang of it, challenge yourself by trying to beat your fastest time.

3) Logic Problems: These take some time but they are fun and really get you thinking; there are a variety of books available from your local dollar store.

4) Jigsaw Puzzles: These are great to do in the evening after dinner, and you can involve the whole family. For an extra challenge, try a 3D or mystery puzzle.

5) Memory Tray: This is a fun game and you can play with your family or at a party; put 10-15 items on a tray and look at them for about 20 seconds; take the tray away then try and remember all of
the items. You can increase the amount of items, or lessen the time you have to look at them.

6) Cards: There are many games you can play using a simple deck of cards; put some cards face up and look at them for about 20 seconds, then put them face down www.ufabet and see how many you can
remember. Another game: shuffle the cards and look at 10 or 15 of them; can you remember the order?

7) Online games: A quick search will net you hundreds of sites with memory games on them, and most of them are free. Even games like Bejeweled, Tetris, and Mah-jong are great brain-boosters. Just be careful to not spend too much time playing; they are very addictive, and once you start it’s hard to stop.

8) Match game: You can use these with numbers, letters, pictures or a combination of the three. The object of the game is to lay the cards facedown and then flip two over trying to find a match.

9) Numbers game: This takes more than one person to play; say three numbers out loud, then get the other person to say the numbers backwards; then try and get up to 10 numbers; you can also play with letters or sentences. This is great to help with auditory learning as well.

10) Board Games: There are a number of board games that will help stimulate your brain: Pictionary, Balderdash, Cranium and Monopoly are just a few. This is a great way to get the whole family together. Why not create a games night once a week?